When we realised in THALLOS®  that the new technologies that extend the quatily and commercial value with natural way (without the use of any chemical addons or preservatives) and also can store in freeze and reduce the cost of transportation (cargo ships and planes) to any place in the planet, it was clear for us to dedicate time besides the business activities in alternative power production (photovoltaic systems), in sustainable natural life extension of fruits and vegetables, so that they can reach with safety to the final customer, even the most demanding ones. Also to bring fruits and vegetables to the most remote location in the planet.

So, THALLOS® with its expert team partners/suppliers, offers it’s services to it’s customers To deliver the best solutions in the market.

Innovative Packaging

THALLOSPACK® distributes (exclusively) in Greece in the Balkan countries as well as in the Republic of Cyprus, innovative plastic bags of modified Atmospheric & Humidity controlled technology of the brand under the name FRESH PLUS®.

currently the products that are produced are FRESH PLUS® MAP, FRESH PLUS® MA / MH, FRESH PLUS® Pallet Bag, Pallet MA / MH bag, Active Pallet bag as well as the most innovative (FreshPlus® [Biodegradable] Oxo Bio MAP and FreshPlus® [Compostable] ComBio MAP) and the newest antibacterial products FreshPlus® [ABact] MA / MH and antimicrobial FreshPlus® [AMicr] MA / MH will soon be produced and distributed.

As well as temperature – humidity monitoring products as well as location of the cargo, in real time, during its journey.


Power supply

THALLOS® through THALLOS ENERGY® collaborates with the electricity provider SOLAR ENERGY SOUMBASIS based in Florina, offering tempting and highly competitive electricity price packages in both household and professional tariffs.

Focusing on the anthropocentric character in approaching customers, we create a strong portfolio of representation in the electrical load distributed by SOLAR ENERGY SOUMPASIS.

Below you can choose the most satisfactory package.


Photovoltaic Systems

THALLOS ENERGY® has in the field of energy the section of Photovoltaic Systems. Our office handles all the administrative work for the collection of the appropriate documents for the preparation of files submiting for connection of a Photovoltaic Station to the electricity network as well as undertakes the construction and delivery of a Photovoltaic Station ready for electricity with the Network. Experienced engineers-collaborators of our office undertake the preparation of a study in appropriate networks of the existing lines of DEDDHE.