There are 3 types of pallete packaging

1. Plastic pallete package:

The entire pallete is covered by a bag. The bottom part of this bag is open and reaches down until the first wooden board of the pallete. By doing that, it is ensured that the fruit and for affected by the air circulation during storage or transportation

This way the shrink of the outer layer of fruits is prevented, also the drying. It reduces the weight loss by 7-8%. Very practical is usage. Does not demand any special procedure for vaccumm or other gas.

2. Pallete Packaging technology Fresh Plus®, Modified Atmosphere MAP( MA / MH ) :

This technology FreshPlus® covers the entire pallete with the pallete bag using special instruction set.

In order for this technique to work properly the bag must not have any tears or holes. This type of packaging reduces the weight loss by 12-16% of the packaged products.

3. Packaging technology Fresh Plus® Active Pallet:

It is the same application as the previous FreshPlus® (Pallet MA / MH), it is from two parts in the pallete packaging. One from the top (pallete bag) and of sheet in the base. After the preperation of the entire pallete, the air inside is removed through a special vaccumm machine and injecting a special gas. The machine injects automaticaly a special gas mix of CO2 to the packaging. This way the products are inside to environment of modified atmoshpere. It demand a special contruction and handling. Also demands a special machine. It is delicate to tearing and holes. Reduces the weight loss to 15-20%.

The productions of these products is made through a special procedure.

Available sizes of pallete bags:

  • 1)   1,00 Χ 1,20 and 2 meters height. = 240 * 282 cm.
  • 2)   1,00 Χ 1,20 and 1,80 meters height. = 240 * 265 cm.
  • 3)   0,80 Χ 1,20 and 1,60 meters height. = 220 * 248 cm.

Weight loss

All fresh fruits and vegetables during storage or transportation are subjec to weight loss to a range of 2-25%, reducing the quality of products.

The innovative packaging system FreshPlus® Modified Atmosphere make the difference with the new technology, by reducing the weight loss, that has a factor on commercial cost.