Storage With FreshPlus®

After harvesting, selecting and pre-cooling, when the temperature of seed decrease in desired level in our bags sealed with the help of rubber band, our MA/MH applications starts. Environment in accordance with the appropriate without ethylene our bag provides a combination of CO2 and O2. Guava fruits are picked at the mature-green stage (color change from dark- to light-green) in some countries where consumers eat them at that stage.

In countries where consumers prefer ripe guava, the fruits are picked at the firm-yellow to half-ripe (softer) stage for long-distance transport or at the fully-ripe (yellow and soft) stage for local markets. It prevents inner decay that will be occurs during storage of guava at the same time it delays coloration. It throw out to extra humidity that will be occurs inside of the bag. It protection flavor and firmness during storage and prevent melt and dark.

Storage: at 6-9°C 15-20 days     Shelf-Life: at 20°C 3 days