Storage With FreshPlus® MA/MH

Our MA/MH applications of strawberry is unique an special application. Except our classic MAP bags applications our MA/MH application permits to harvest and pack the strawberry fruit in the field. Strawberries that were packed without pre-cooling can directly load in the truck, this prevents more labor and helps energy-saving. Environment in accordance with the appropriate without ethylene our bag provides a combination of CO2 and O2.

Our bag does not create a layer of mist which prevents the purchaser to see the products. It eliminates decays caused by moisture and mold. Thanks to inside the bag created relative humidity protection the color and flavor of strawberries stands still at the same time substantially prevents loss of water. For this reason it prevents deliquesce of the product and therefore reduces wastage.

Storage: at 0°C   14 days    Shelf-Life: at 20°C   3 days